Our Vision

The way we do business boldly

is by hiring the best and brightest

in the business.

The way we do business boldly

is by hiring the best and

brightest in the business.

How we do Business Boldly

Our Manifesto

We believe bigger isn’t better. Better is better.

A captive is only as good as its weakest member. At ICS, we pride ourselves on captives made up only of the best, most engaged members.

We believe you can influence risk, so why wouldn’t you?

You work wisely and diligently, only to help make money for an insurance company. Our vision is a world in which insurance becomes a value proposition for a business, not a burden or a fixed cost.

We believe the captive process isn’t for everyone.

But if it is for your company, we want to be your partner in doing business boldly.

Our Team

Tom Stewart

Tom Stewart JD, MBA President

Dan Keough

Dan Keough MBA, CPCU CEO


Jeff Matney

Jeff S. Matney Senior Vice President

Bob Nizzi Senior Vice President

Stephani Manning MBA, ARM Senior Vice President

Jeff Fitzgerald

Jeff Fitzgerald MBA Vice President of Employee Benefits

Nick Blyth

Nick Blyth MBA, ARM Vice President

Joel Hull Assistant Vice President

Sara Stopulos

Sara Stopulos MPH, GBA Assistant Vice President

Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson CPCU, ARM Account Executive

Dan Reichardt

Dan Reichardt ARM Account Executive

Jeff Craig

Jeff Craig JD, ARM, CPCU Account Executive

Chase Wagner MBA, CPCU Account Executive

Ashley Nissen

Ashley Mataloni GBA Account Executive

Brett Stefani

Brett Stefani CPA, CPCU Account Executive/Financial Analyst

Kristen Geppert

Kristin Geppert Business Development Manager

Matt Durham Director of Agency Partnerships

Bryan Griffith GBA Business Development Coordinator

Zach Steenblock Business Development Coordinator

Zach Coppola Business Development Coordinator

Program Management

Steve Collins

Steve Collins Senior Vice President

Val Schweiger

Val Schweiger MBA, CPCU, ARM, RPLU Vice President

Matt McGurk

Matt McGurk MBA, CPCU, GBA Assistant Vice President

Jessica Goode Assistant Vice President, Employee Benefits

Mike Fagnani CPCU, ARM-E Assistant Vice President, Program Management

Kim Smetzer

Kim Smetzer CPCU Assistant Vice President, Program Management

Angie Heim

Angie Heim CRM, CIC Assistant Vice President, Program Management

Marti Thompson Senior Program Manager

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams Senior Program Manager

Jenny Bieret

Jenny Bieret Senior Program Manager

DJ Looft Program Manager

Lisa Foley Program Manager

Nikki Berry MBL, CPCU, AIC-M, AINS, AIS Program Manager

Ashley Fetters AIC, CIC Program Manager

Barbie Sullivan Assistant Program Manager

Grace Maloney Assistant Program Manager

Brylie Bernhard

Brylie Turner Clinical Consultant

Finance & Investments

Marty Brauch

Marty Brauch CFA, CPCU Vice President

Lindsay Chase

Lindsay Chase CPA, CPCU Vice President Finance

Rob Gilligan

Rob Gilligan CPA Assistant Vice President Finance

Dave Bachman

Dave Bachman MBA, ARM Senior Investment Program Manager

Joe Ambrosek

Joe Ambrosek Senior Financial Analyst / Senior Data Analyst

Bill Bemis CFA Senior Investment Analyst

Tyler Nessa Senior Financial Analyst

Amanda Schwarz CPA Senior Financial Analyst

Mitch Anderson Financial Analyst

Miranda Shipman Financial Analyst

Risk Management

David Still

David Still Vice President, Risk Management

Sam Erger

Sam Erger Senior Risk Management Consultant

Jack Rhoten AIC Senior Risk Management Consultant

Rock Whitehill Risk Management Consultant

Christine Still

Christine Still AIC Director of Claims Services

Jon Doty Claims Advocate

Consulting & Management

Dana Marino ACI Vice President, Consulting & Management

Mario Vitiello Vice President

Jessica Heil

Jessica Heil Assistant Vice President, Captive Management

Paul Froment

Paul Froment Senior Program Manager

Joe Streck Senior Program Manager

Melissa Ferguson Assistant Program Manager

Corporate Services

Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall Assistant Vice President, Event Management

Matthew Parmenter LSSB Assistant Vice President, Information Technology

Mary Schlehuber CIS Event Manager

Ellen Darcy CIS Event Manager

Allison Angstead Event Coordinator

Emily Arends

Emily Arends Marketing Specialist

Jennifer Faeth

Jennifer Faeth Executive Assistant

Omar Habib Salesforce Administrator

If you don't like the path

you're on, it's time to blaze

a new one.