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Doing business boldly

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Do Business Boldly

Are You the Right Fit for an EB Captive?

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Group Captives

Group captives allow you to form your own insurance company with like-minded businesses, giving you the opportunity to learn from peers, spend only the money you use and control your own risk. It’s about being stronger together.

Property Casualty

Employee Benefits

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Alternative Risk

Being alternative means financing your risk in a different way. These unique captive options are a bold way to do insurance.

Single-Parent Captives

Rental Captives

Enterprise Risk Captives

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Not sure what solution is best? Let our experts do the work!

Feasibility Studies

Captive Management

Captive Formation

They do whatever it takes. They have hustle. The idea of ‘that’s not my job’ doesn’t apply to ICS.

Jon Sargent


Todd & Sargent

Our premiums have trended down for 11 years in a row, making us more competitive. Basically, it’s made us a better company. We learn from other contractors and from each other, so you learn more about the industry and how to protect your workers and your company.

Keith Coleman

Executive Vice President

Beard Construction

It’s a partnership. There’s a lot of trust. They’re looking out for our interests and we’re all working towards the same goal of being a very successful insurance company.

Mike Malloure


C.A. Hull

When the rules aren't fair,

the smart make their own.

They join a captive.