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Take a TRIP!

Five years ago, our team developed a propriety solution called TRIP, aiming to offer our captive member companies a comprehensive turn-key solution geared towards enhancing employee engagement and health outcomes. Since its inception, TRIP has evolved to include:

  • Data analytICS that delivers actionable insights
  • A bundled solution targeting prevalent high-cost claim conditions
  • A curated guide to additional recommended partners focusing on holistic and clinical wellbeing

Data analytICS

Data analytICS is a critical tool for understanding the overall health and wellbeing of our ICS captive member organizations. By encompassing a wide range of data, including medical and pharmacy claims, chronic disease prevalence, health behaviors, and health-related outcomes, we gain deep insights into the collective health status of ICS captives. The analytICS framework enables us to pinpoint areas of opportunity by unveiling trends and discrepancies while highlighting areas requiring further invention and focus.

The strength of ICS captives is built on each individual member’s ability to make an impact on organizational performance through healthcare and wellness initiatives. More data means better results.

Targeted Claims Management

Given the overwhelming number of point solutions in the industry, we did the vetting on behalf of our members to find best-in-class partners that comprise our Targeted Claims Management solution.

This bundled solution is designed to address high-cost claim conditions, including dialysis, cancer, musculoskeletal, and diabetes. In addition, we embrace a holistic approach to wellbeing by incorporating a solution centered on employee engagement.

Here is a deep dive on what each program provides:

Dialysis Management

Dialysis Management provides an innovative risk solution that normalizes claim costs for all stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD). You can manage and significantly reduce costs by carving out your dialysis claims from your existing TPA network.

Cancer Management

This allows you to gain guidance, insights, recommendations, and resources for the best possible care when dealing with a serious or complex condition. You can also discover the latest advancements in medicine to confidently make care decisions — from diagnosis to treatment planning and implementation.

Musculoskeletal Management

Musculoskeletal Management uses a 3-tier approach to targeting musculoskeletal claims.

  • Preventative Care — This virtual physical therapy solution treats the issue before it is exacerbated and needs additional support. Preventive care provides exercise, education, and behavioral plans to reduce unnecessary surgeries and opioid use.
  • Surgery Alternative — This is a less invasive option to try before surgery. With research-based methods and patented protocol, doctors use orthopedic bone marrow concentrate containing stem cells and provide image-guided injections to treat orthopedic conditions.
  • Optimized Surgical Outcomes — This clinically validated approach to surgery promotes the best possible outcomes and faster recovery. Complete with pre-surgery education, nutritional prep, non-opioid pain management, and minimally invasive surgery options, you get the concierge healthcare experience via a dedicated nurse available by phone and secure chat 24/7 to help navigate your recovery.

Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management uses smart devices, expert support, and health strategies to simplify diabetes management. Whether it’s controlling your type 1 or type 2 diabetes, tracking your blood glucose levels, or setting goals, this program is available 24/7 to provide support.

Employee Engagement

This is an important aspect in helping attract, engage, and retain top talent. This program understands your organization’s character, values, and culture, and believes in creating a path forward to organizational engagement. You can partner with experts to assess company culture, create a strategic vision through a total wellbeing lens, and identify how to effectively deploy resources.

Coordinated Partner Resources

In addition to your bundled TRIP solution, ICS is committed to bringing high-quality service providers and vendors to your aid to help businesses save money and improve employee health. We’ve compiled a list of resources that are industry leaders and ICS client favorites. These exclusive plug-and-play partner resources provide holistic care in a variety of areas:

  • Wellness Platform
  • Healthcare Navigation
  • Mental Health
  • Screenings
  • Financial Wellness
  • Compliance
  • Nutrition
  • Family Support

Interested in learning more about our TRIP partners? Many of these vendors will be attending our Employee Benefits Captive Member Meetings this year. We’d love to talk with you about how the TRIP program can help improve your business. Reach out!