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Rollin’ Out a Fresh Look

When you think of Global Captive Management (GCM), what words come to mind? How do you think staff, clients, and the public perceive us?

Those are the questions our team was posed last year.  With the acquisition of GCM in 2019, questions were raised as to “what works with our brand and what can be improved?”

Our discovery?  A LOT WORKS!

New Look; Same GCM

At GCM, we have great employees and pride ourselves on delivering a timely, accurate, and knowledgeable product.  We manage a wide range of clients including group, single-parent, segregated portfolio, and portfolio insurance companies.  We have healthcare-specific captives, including hospitals, nursing homes, and doctor groups, as well as captives for a variety of industries, including fast food franchisees, taxi cabs, light bulb manufacturers, and many more!  In total, we manage more than 65 captives.

That being said; when looking at our logo, materials, and website, it became apparent they didn’t reflect the culture and image of our company and clients.

When rebranding, companies typically explore possibilities of changing an organization’s name, logo, colors, or other parts of the brand identity in an effort to move away from undesirable feelings and brand associations and allow for new perspectives and enhancements.

We like our name.  Our name has history and brand recognition.  We know “GCM” conjures a positive response in the industry.

Our logo?  That was an indifferent shrug.

In 2004, when our previous logo was unveiled, it displayed our ability to be “global.”  In fact, we have operated in both South Carolina and New Jersey as a captive insurance manager besides our headquarters in Cayman.

Fast forward to 2021, and the colors and graphics have become a bit stagnant.  We recognized a need to modernize the logo — giving it a refresh to better depict the young, vibrant team at GCM and reflect our current and prospective clients.  We also determined a tagline was warranted to better connect our team and customers to our brand. That led us to:  OWN YOUR OUTCOMES


For clients, this tagline embodies how ownership of an insurance captive gives control over expense while becoming a safer and better company.  Companies can also create opportunity to derive additional benefits from their employees, customers, and property.

Stay safe.  Stay profitable.

For employees, “Own Your Outcomes” conveys accountability in which one’s attitude reflects results and embodies their pride in their work and client relationships.

Please check out our new website. Take a look around.  Although we may look a little different, GCM is still committed to providing the same captive support that you are accustomed to within your ICS property casualty group captives.