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Rest Easy with ICS on the World Wide Web

As the mother of a very opinionated three-year-old boy, there is no greater fear than the daunting task of putting a toddler to sleep. Is he going to fight me about brushing his teeth? How many stories do I have to read? How many questions will he ask? How many glasses of water will he request to avoid the inevitable? Although the routine is exhausting, there is no greater feeling than lying next to my son at night and hearing him say, “you are my best buddy, Mommy” as he slowly drifts off to sleep. The hard work is worth the reward of knowing that he counts on me.

At Innovative Captive Strategies (ICS), we pride ourselves in doing business BOLDLY and differently. We put in the hard work to be the resource that both agency partners and clients alike can count on to bring alternative insurance solutions to the table. We know this, but the important thing is making sure our clients and partners know they can count on us.

ICS recently underwent a website refresh with the ultimate goal to increase awareness of our captive insurance services and capabilities. It was a long 15-month process of making sure we had the right messaging, graphic elements, and resources to serve our clients. The hard work was definitely worth the reward of seeing all the enhancements we’ve created for our clients and partners.

Better is Better: Our Agency Partnerships

Captive insurance is not a new concept. As an insurance broker, if you aren’t introducing the captive solution as an option for property casualty or employee benefits insurance needs, somebody else is.

It’s no longer as simple as having an alternative solution, it’s important to show how we differentiate from the competition. ICS creates smaller, member-owned captives with higher engagement because we know bigger isn’t better, better is better. Our dedicated agency partnerships are the key to that captive success.

The ICS business model simply doesn’t work without what we call “the rule of three,” which thrives because of the relationship between ICS, agency partner, and client. Our updated website provides a space, specifically for agency partners to find the true benefits of partnering with ICS to open doors, add value to your agency, and retain your best clients. It was important for us to not only help our partners understand why the ICS business model is better, but to arm them with the tools and resources to make their businesses better too. We have always valued our unique agency partnerships, but now our website specifically serves insurance brokers as well as clients.

BOLD Risk Solutions

We wanted to show off the abundant alternative risk solutions that ICS provides. Employee benefits and property casualty group captives are the ICS bread and butter, but it’s important to know that group captives aren’t the right insurance solution for everyone.

ICS, along with our international sister company, Global Captive Management Ltd. (GCM), provides consulting and captive management services to all types of captive insurance companies. Our website now has a dedicated place to explain these unique solutions and provide testimonials from current captive clients in the alternative risk space. Go take a look!

More Than Education

Perhaps the most valuable addition to our website is the opportunity to give the captive insurance education that our agency partners and prospective clients crave. Our sales webinars and events provide more than education. Captive insurance is a long-term business solution. These education opportunities are great for clients and brokers to explore the value of partnering with ICS and developing safer and healthier companies.

Always Innovating and Growing

The ICS website enhancements are just the beginning of our 2022 plans for doing business boldly. We are in the process of revamping our ICS Community portal to provide a more advanced collaboration space for all captive members and partners.

Lastly, we wouldn’t be one of the top ten captive management companies without our employees. One of the most enlightening things about updating this website was uncovering the passion our employees have for the business and enhancing our client and broker relationships.

“Love what you do and who you do it with” is a quote from ICS CEO, Dan Keough, that has always exemplified our team. We strive to make each other better every day and are always looking for bold ways to provide better solutions for our clients. What’s even better? We’re hiring! Check out our career opportunities if you are interested in doing business boldly with us!

The website enhancements hopefully give our partners and clients more knowledge and comfort in knowing we are a true partner in their insurance journey. You can count on ICS to elevate the captive insurance game and continue to build better group captives.

As I prepare for my nighttime battle of putting my son to bed tonight, I know the hard work will be worth the reward when he whispers something sweet to me, because he can count on me.

Explore our NEW and improved ICS website to see all of these enhancements and learn more about how you can count on us for your captive insurance needs.