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Driving Better Behavior with SafeMode

For a consumer, receiving your online ordered packages on time and in pristine condition is of the utmost importance. When it comes to an Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP), their focus is on driver safety and retention in order to make sure those packages are delivered with care.

But how do you motivate your delivery drivers to stay safe on the road? In a recent case study, one of our Aegis Insurance captive members – Josken Solutions, carved a path of improving driver behavior with the help of SafeMode. ICS’s strategic partnership with SafeMode presents a unique opportunity for captive members to add an additional tool to their risk management initiatives.

Who is SafeMode?

SafeMode is a comprehensive system for driver engagement that includes a digital driver scorecard to measure driver performance, built-in incentive plans, a gamified driver mobile app and plenty of analytics and reporting to keep track of driver behavior.

The SafeMode tool not only improves day-to-day driver safety performance, but more importantly, it helps develop long-term, safety-focused behavioral changes.

The Results

When Joskens Solutions compared the use of SafeMode with a randomized control group, the case study showed a 71% of reduction in critical safety violations, including a notable drop to zero violations in distracted driving and seatbelt usage.

While incentive programs are common, many fail to effectively alter driver behavior. The SafeMode daily bonus model changes this dynamic. Offering daily feedback on incentive potential means drivers can recover from a mistake quickly, maintaining motivation.

SafeMode has cracked the code in understanding that the heart of effective risk management lies in influencing driver behaivor. By embedding safety into the daily habits and culture of Amazon DSP fleets and drivers, SafeMode transforms safety from a policy into a practice.

For more information about SafeMode or other benefits of ICS group captives, please reach out for more information.