Agency Partnerships

We haven't forgotten what

partnership truly means.

We strive to benefit together.

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It All Begins with Trust

At Innovative Captive Strategies, we think of insurance brokers as more than just service providers. They are valuable business partners and a key part of our customers’ success. Transparency is easy when you’re proud of how you do business.

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Skin in the Game

We don’t remove the insurance broker from the equation. In fact, we insist that our agency partners share in the investment of captive ownership. Everyone benefits when everyone is all in.

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Win, Win, Win!

There is strength in unity. Creating a great product for our clients binds them to ICS, but there’s an essential element missing. The triple-enforced combination of client, broker and ICS is what creates an unbeatable team.

ICS’ model is for active involvement with the broker. They create a triad relationship—broker, ICS, client—ICS makes us part of it. They don’t go around the broker, they work with us.

Scott Egginton


ICS is reliable. That word gets overused, but there aren’t a lot of relationships in our industry that I would call reliable. I can easily rely on ICS. That’s very rare.

Jason Wallace

Horton Group

They’re a professional advisor who is certainly competent in their trade. But more than that, ICS is a real partner.

Bret Grieves

Scott Insurance

We don’t believe in

one size fits all.

Neither should you.